Cleaning and science innovation

Cleaning and science innovation to develop strategies and services, adapting and striving in the new normal.
We are keeping a watchful eye on new science and tirelessly offering our expertise to keep operations going with  high hygiene standards.
Source:Cleaning & Maintenance Sept 2020
Oakland Innovation

“With COVID-19 expected to stimulate innovation in retail, leisure and workplace hygiene, Oakland Innovation says science-led approaches will underpin the…

Combat contagious illnesses with proper hand washing

With more than 2,000 people known to have died from the recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the numbers still rising, many in the UK are understandably concerned about the virus spreading to these shores. But are they right to be? Dr Peter Barratt, technical manager, Initial Washroom Hygiene sheds light on this issue

Whilst Ebola causes a very dangerous…

New research reveals shift away from multiple providers for FM

When choosing a new provider for outsourced FM, 65% of FM managers feel it is important to have one organisation managing all the different elements of service provision. There is a growing trend towards this ‘total facilities management’ model rather than use of individual service providers.

The independent research conducted on behalf of facilities services specialists, Grosvenor Services, investigated requirements when…

Pasture Naturals reduce environmental impact

Many companies consider reducing their environmental impact as an integral goal of their business and for several years have been applying environmentally conscious practices as a result. However, despite the increased awareness and desire to ‘go green’ there is still a surprising amount which could be being done.

For example, in the hospitality industry alone there is still a high volume…