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Sanitation and disinfecting deep clean of your working areas by London’s specialist commercial cleaners.

Sanitation and disinfecting are an essential step to help prevent viral infections entering a critical phase.  As a London based commercial cleaning specialist Serna Cleaning can assist in this crucial task of providing business with a sanitation and disinfecting deep cleaning service.

We are London based deep cleaning specialists and can help your business fight the latest virus outbreak by providing deep cleaning services, cleaning advice and support.

If you wish to take extra precautions and drastically reduce the risk of a virus infection contact us to discuss where possible high risk areas are, and what steps and/or materials provided can be put into place to make sure your work environment is as safe as possible from any out-break.

Sanitation  and disinfecting deep clean infection control

If you suspect that your business premises, your customers or any of your staff may be at risk from infection from a virus, call us today on 020 7788 4313. Serna Cleaning has the experience, expertise, and certification to carry out virus infection control and provide your business with a coronavirus deep clean. We will carry out sanitation and disinfecting deep clean of your business premises to the required standards, with fogging and touch point cleaning to give your business a clean bill of health and allow you to keep on trading.

How soon can we visit your premises?

In cases of an outbreak we will need to conduct a client assessment before entering the premises to identify all the high-risk areas and understand activities, this will enable us to outline a full action plan for your deep clean.

How long will specialist deep cleaning services take?

The time needed to treat your premises depends on the size of your premises and the total area that requires decontamination. Contact us for a customised solution.

How soon after treatment can your business be operational?

Upon completion your premises will have undergone thorough decontamination and be safe to open within a few hours.